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Profile picturePaathShaaala – Official Youtube Channel for Students

Youtube Channel created by Faculty Member

   EduTech Simba (Creator – Prof. M. B. Jagtap, Botany)

  Chem Diaries (Creator – Prof. R. M. Sayyed, Chemistry)

    Rajendra Patil (Creator – Prof. R. V. Patil, Chemistry)

    Anil Beldar (Creator – Dr. A. G. Beldar, Chemistry)

    Uddhav Jadhav (Creator – Dr. U. M. Jadhav, Chemistry)

   Dr. Milind K. Patel (Creator – Dr. M. K. Patel, Chemistry)

   Aastha Thakkar (Creator – Dr. A. H. Jobanputra, Microbiology)

   Dr.Varsha Chaudhari (Creator – Dr. V. M. Chaudhari , Microbiology)

Playlists for Students

(ICT Tool, Demonstration, Hands-On, Past Seminar/Workshop, etc.)

Playlist – Effective Use of ICT / Online Tools for Teaching-Learning

Playlist – Experiencial Learning MS-DEED MSFDA Master Trainer Programm

Playlist – Hands on Demonstration – Concept Clearing sessions

Playlist – Online Workshop Seminars

Blogs and Website by Faculty

PaathShaala By Dr. Milind Patil

Blog by Prof.Sarika Fulpagare 

Facebook Page for Zoology Srudents




University link for Ph.D. Guidelines

Research Resources

Research Management Tools

Information Collection Tools

Tools for reference Manager

Use of ICT Facility by Faculty

Self Learning Material by DEEL, KBC NMU, Jalgaon


Beyond the Classroom

Canva   Canva- Presentation, Poster, banner, project document etc.


BitlyBitly – Link Manager


Swayam - Apps on Google PlayCoursera– Largest MOOC-provider


CourseraCoursera– Largest MOOC-provider


edX   edX- Second-largest MOOC-provider after Coursera


googleDocs   Google Docs – Online document creator and editor


GrammarlyGrammarly is the world’s best grammar checker


  Coursera– Largest MOOC-provider


Udacity   Udacity – Free online productivity tools


Study Guides and StrategiesStudy Guides and Statergies – Tips and techniques