At our college we keep our self engaged in various research activities. Here are some of the activity reports of the same. Research has been extensively promoted in our college in every faculty as it complements the quality improvement as well as development. The Research Committee along with the IQAC have been striving endlessly for provision of best possible research environment and maximal resources in every field of study. With the support of the Management, our college has started a Central Instrumentation Facility Centre which is equipped with high end instruments and laboratory facilities for research in physical, chemical & biological sciences. This has supported for dispersing a healthy research culture amongst the stakeholders who are consistently benefitted by visits of expert scientists, Professors, Industrialists invited in conferences and seminars. Funds for research has been liquidated through grants of CPE, minor, major research projects from UGC and other schemes.

Composition of Research Committee

Sr. No. Name of the faculty Designation
1. Prof. Dr. R. S. Patil Chairman
2. Dr. R. Z. Sayyed Coordinator
3. Dr. M. K. Patel Secretary
4. Dr. U. V. Nile Member
5. Dr. S. S. Bhande Member

Research Activities:
The committee provides all kinds of procedural, practical support to researchers and ensures that the required infrastructure is available.

  • Six laboratories Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology and Geography are recognized for research work by the affiliating university. Eminent personalities from BARC, BAMU, NMU, RSTU-Nagpur have visited the college to inculcate a research environment amongst the budding researchers through their talks and experiences.

  • The college has got extra mural funding from the UGC, under the College with Potential for Excellence Scheme for Rs. 100 lakhs.

  • In view of the excellent progress by the 09 science departments, our college has been benefitted by Rs. 45,00,000/- under the Basic Research Grants scheme from UGC.

  • major and 19 Minor research projects costing Rs.93,20,000 /-funded by UGC, DST, BARC and MoEF have been successfully completed while 05 minor research projects have been submitted to UGC, DST, BARC, RGCST and DBT.

  • During the assessment period our college has organized 09 workshops on Training Programmes and has funded Rs.5,79,247/- for organizing National conferences.

  • College has received special grants of Rs.28,83,769/- for Additional Assistance and Rs.9,50,000/- from SERB for developing research facilities. The instruments/facilities created during the last four years is in the tune of Rs. 66, 27,451 /-.

  • 12 faculties are recognized as research supervisors, 07 members are in editorial boards of journals, 19 faculties are the Life members of different subject associations / leading research journals and 09 faculties have received Research awards in National and International conferences.

  • Appreciable increase in the number of publications by faculty i.e. 476 has been observed and the ratio of publications to the faculty is 9.71. Faculty has 244 published books to their credit and there are 371 participations in National and International conferences, seminars etc.

  • Our staff members have bagged several awards for their best presentations at various International and National conferences. Besides this our research scholars are recipients of INSPIRE fellowship, CSIR-SRF, HG Raisoni Doctoral Scholarship, UGC-CSIR- JRF for their individual research work.

  • Consultancy services are provided at nominal rates and in some cases free of charge in microbiological sample testing, antimicrobial analysis, soil and water testing etc. However interdepartmental and inter-institutional research co-operation is extended free of charge by departments of Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Marathi and Commerce.

Prioritized research areas available

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Department Area of specialization
1. Prof. Dr. R. S. Patil Physics Thin films, Sensors, PEC Solar Cells
2. Shri. I. B. Chaudhari Chemistry Polymer Chemistry
3. Dr. U. M. Jadhav Chemistry Thin films, Sensors, Nano-technology
4. Dr. M. K. Patel Chemistry Phytochemistry
5. Dr. S. D. Sindkhedkar English Modern English Literature
6. Dr. D. D. Nikumbh Politics Politics
7. Prof. Dr. S. K. Tayade Botany Angiosperm Taxonomy
8. Dr. A. R. Nikam Economics Business Economics
9. Dr.A.H. Jobanputra Microbiology Plant-Microbe interactions, Microbial polymers, Antibiotic biotransformation
10. Dr. I. J. Patil Physics Thin films, Sensors, PEC Solar Cells
11. Dr. R. Z. Sayyed Microbiology Plant-Microbe interactions, Microbial polymers, Antibiotic biotransformation, Bioremediation
12. Dr. U. V. Nile Geography Physical Geography
13. Mrs. Dr. M. M. Jogi Microbiology Microbial polymers, Antibiotic biotransformation
14. Dr. P.P. Jagtap Physics Thin films, Sensors, PEC
15. Dr. S. S. Pathak Botany Plant taxonomy, Plant tissue culture
16. Dr. A. G. Beldar Chemistry Polymer Chemistry
17. Dr. Y.H.Wasu Zoology Entomology
18. Dr. R. M. Chaudhari Zoology Entomology
19. Dr. S. S. Bhande Zoology Entomology
20. Dr. J. B. Chaudhari Physics Thin films, Sensors, PEC
21. Dr. S. D. Sindkhedkar English Modern and Indian English Literature, Applied English Linguistics
22. Dr. V. K. Patil Hindi Gandhian Literature

Faculty involvement in active research

Sr. No. Name of the Faculty Research Activity
Guiding Ph.D. students Research projects PG dissertations Awarded Ph.D./ Working for Ph.D.
1 Prof. Dr. R. S. Patil 9 1 5 -
2 Dr. A. S. Patil 2 3 1 -
3 Dr. T. S. Patil 2 - 1 -
4 Dr. V. K. Patil 1 - 1 -
5 Mr. N. B. Patel - 4 1 -
6 Mr. S. B. Patil - 4 1 -
7 Mr. I. B. Chaudhari - - 1 -
8 Mr. G.S. Khandagale - - - Working for Ph.D.
9 Dr. U.M. Jadhav - 4 1 Awarded -2014
10 Dr. S.V. Patil - 1 1 -
11 Dr. M.K. Patel - 2 16 Awarded - 2015
12 Mr. J.D. Jagdale - 1 - -
13 Dr.S.D. Sindkhedkar 8 10 2 -
14 Mrs. V.M. Chaudhari - 1 20 Working for Ph.D.
15 Dr. A.R. Nikam 3 1 1 -
16 Prof. Dr. S. K. Tayade 2 - - -
17 Dr. D.D. Nikumbh - 1 - -
18 Dr. A.H. Jobanputra 7 2 20 -
19 Dr. R.Z. Sayyed 8 3 20 -
20 Dr. U.V. Nile 2 - - -
21 Mr. Y.K. Shirsath - - - Working for Ph.D.
22 Mr. D.M. Gangurde - - - Working for Ph.D
23 Dr. Mrs. M.M. Jogi - - 20 Awarded -2011
24 Mr. S.L. Bhalerao - - - Working for Ph.D.
25 Dr. I.J. Patil 2 1 4 -
26 Mr. A.R. Kamble - - - Working for Ph.D.
27 Mr. S.S. Pawar - - - Working for Ph.D.
28 Mr. P.R. Torawane - - - Working for Ph.D.
29 Dr. S.S. Bhande - - 4 -
30 Dr. R.M. Chaudhari - 1 4 -
31 Dr. P.P. Jagtap - - 4 Awarded - 2014
32 Dr. J.B. Chaudhari - 2 4 -
33 Mr. M. M. Patil - 1 20 Working for Ph.D.
34 Dr. K.V.C. Gosavi - 1 - -
35 Mr. R.V. Patil - Submitted 20 Working for Ph.D.
36 Dr. S.S. Pathak - - 1 -
37 Mr. S.R. Ujgare - - - Working for Ph.D.
38 Mr. N.K. Athawale - - - Working for Ph.D.
39 Dr. A.G. Beldar 2 Submitted 20 -
40 Mr. J.U. Chavan - Submitted 20 Working for Ph.D.
41 Mr. K.G. Valvi - - 4 Working for Ph.D.
42 Mr. R.S. Mali - - 4 Working for Ph.D.
43 Dr. Y.H. Wasu - 1 4 -
44 Mr. M.B. Jagtap - - - Working for Ph.D.
45 Mr. G.S. Gawai - - - Working for Ph.D.
46 Dr. A. J Shaikh - - 10 Awarded-2015

Research Projects – Ongoing / Completed

Sr. No Faculty Name Title of the Project Funding Agency Grants (in lakhs) Duration and Status
1. Prof. Dr. R. S. Patil Characterization of Nanocrystalline CuI and Cu 2O thin films deposited UGC, WRO, Pune 1.10 2012-14 Completed
2. Dr. A. S. Patil (Retired PI) Studies on biodiversity of zoo plankton in River and water resources of Nandurbar District UGC, New Delhi 10.80 2009-12 Completed
3. Dr. V. K. Patil Mahatma Gandhiji ka sahitya Chintan UGC, WRO, Pune 0.85 2012-14 Completed
4. Shri. S. B. Patil Synthesis of Schiffs Bases UGC,WRO, Pune 1.40 2010-12 Completed
Final Report
5. Mr. I. B. Chaudhari Green synthesis, characterization and application of Polyaniline copolymers blends as anticorrosive coating UGC,WRO, Pune 4.25 2014-16 Ongoing
6. Dr. T. S. Patil Studies on algal periphyton of Yashwant lakeToranmal UGC, WRO, Pune 1.25 2010-12 Completed
7. Shri. N. B. Patel Synthesis of Schiffs Bases UGC, WRO, Pune 1.25 2010-12 Completed
8. Dr. U. M. Jadhav Synthesis of CD 2S Thin films UGC, WRO, Pune 1.20 2010-12 Completed
Final Report
9. Dr. M. K. Patel Phytochemical and microbial studies of Abutilon indicum leaves UGC, WRO, Pune 1.30 2010-12 Completed
10. Shri. J.D. Jagdale Synchronic study of Ahirani Proverbs UGC, WRO, Pune 0.50 2010-12 Completed
11. Dr. S.D.Sindkhedkar Necessity of intensive English/remedial English teaching for the Non-creamy layer students from the colleges in the NMU, Jalgaon area UGC, WRO, Pune 1. 00 2013-15 Completed
12. Dr. D. D. Nikumbh Human Right and Right to education in tribal Akrani UGC, WRO, Pune 0.85 2013-15 Completed
13. Dr. V. M. Chaudhari Development of protocol for the production of bacterial pigments UGC,WRO, Pune 1.30 2011-13 Completed
Final Report
14. Prof. Dr. S. K. Tayade Anatomical studies in some species of Leucas Br. (Lamiaecae) on Nandurbar District UGC,WRO, Pune 0.55 2010-12 Completed
15. Dr. A. H. Jobanputra Scale up for biotransformation of rifamycin B to S using bacterial isolate UGC, New Delhi 7.51 2009-12 Completed
16. Dr. R. Z. Sayyed Molecular approaches for improving the production of PHB DST,Young Scientist Scheme 20.38 2009-12 Completed
17. Dr. I. J. Patil Growth from solution and characterization of glycine potassium Sulphate UGC,WRO, Pune 1.10 2012-14 Completed
18. Dr. S. S. Bhande Scientific evaluation on antifertility effect of Amaranthus spinisus in Albino rat UGC,WRO, Pune 1.75 2012-14 Completed
Final Report
19. Dr. Y. H. Wasu Investigations on larvicidal effects of Parthenium hysterophorus against polyphagus pests UGC,WRO, Pune 3.25 2015-17 Ongoing
20. Shri. M. M. Patil Solid Phase synthesis of N-aryl cyclic imides and its derivative UGC,WRO,Pune 3.6 2014-16 Completed Final Report
21. Dr. J. B. Chaudhari Characterization of CdS/PbS hetero junction deposited by chemical route UGC,WRO, Pune 1.00 2013-15 Completed
Final Report
Growth, Electrical & Optical Properties of n-Cd-Se/p-Cu 2S hetero junction thin film deposited by chemical route for photovoltaic applications. VCRMS, NMU, Jalgaon 0.70 2010-12 Completed
Final Report
22. Dr. A. R. Nikam Socio-economic effects and study of Satpuda Tapi Parisar Sahkari Sakhar Karkhana UGC,WRO, Pune 0.20 2010-12 Completed
Final Report
23. Dr. K.V.C. Gosavi Revision of tribe Rottbolelinnae (Poaceae) DST,FAST Track 15.70 2013-16
24 Dr.R.M. Chaudhari Effect of Vinca alkaloid Vincristine on sperm study in albino rat (Rattus rattus) UGC 1.50 2013-15
Final Report