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– Rules Book –

The Code of Conduct is set with the purpose of maintaining a standard for all concerned with education. It shall provide guidelines about the acceptable behavior of all involved in teaching- learning-research-extension activities. This shall include the core values of integrity, transparency, and honesty. The code of Conduct shall protect from punishments or impositions pertaining to ethical misconduct and shall prevent illegal behavior on campus.



The Principal of the college needs to be honest, fair, objective, supportive, and protective and should abide by laws and regulations. Following are some of the mandatory traits of the Principal.

The Principal:

⮚ Shall uphold and upkeep the ethos of inclusiveness in terms of imparting education in the college

⮚ Shall create an unbiased gender-free atmosphere within the college

⮚ Shall lay down the policies and their implementation as per the vision and mission.

⮚ Shall encourage relations with industries and MoUs for the promotion of research and development.

⮚ Shall make the staff, students, and stakeholders aware of the policies, regulations, and processes implemented in the college and shall administer them appropriately.

⮚ It will act as a healthy link between beneficiaries and authorities.

⮚ Will be actively involved in monitoring and managing the administration.

⮚ Shall provide remedial measures based on the feedback of beneficiaries and stakeholders.

⮚ Will accomplish every task for the well-being of the institution.

⮚ Will be supportive and optimistic about students’ ideas and their betterment.

⮚ Shall execute policies for students and teaching and non-teaching staff in a fair manner.

⮚ Will hearten and inspire students and faculty to put in maximum efforts for the potential growth of the institution.

⮚ Will show probity towards his position.

⮚ Shall possess extraordinary leadership qualities in word and spirit.

⮚ Shall promote academic activities in all possible avenues already explored and shall encourage

exploration of newer avenues for further academic pursuit.

⮚ Shall promote and maintain harmonious relationships in the college



Teaching is about inspiring and motivating students to realize and exceed their potential. A teacher shapes the character, potential, and future of the students to achieve great things and become good human beings. A teacher has to be a role model for students. A teacher needs to implant an interest in learning among his fellow students. Following are some of the mandatory traits of the Teacher.

The Teacher of the college:

⮚ Shall endorse the dignity of the teaching profession in its truest sense.

⮚ Shall promote innovative learning among the students to make them eligible to stand in the fast developing world.

⮚ Shall himself/herself be inspiring and motivating for the students

⮚ Will be unprejudiced and non-discriminatory with the students.

⮚ Shall be a role model for students in the matters of discipline, clean habits, punctuality, assistance, and guidance.

⮚ Shall be sympathetic towards the needy students

⮚ Will be friendly with the students for them to approach without fear to solve their difficulties.

⮚ Shall believe in teamwork rather than individuality.

⮚ Shall maintain student development as the foremost priority followed by self–development.

⮚ Will behave responsibly with students, parents, and stakeholders for guiding them in a just manner

⮚ Shall be good Mentors and Catalysts

⮚ Shall strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the statute, university, and college

⮚ Will be protective of the weaker students especially the girl students of the college.

⮚ Shall be professionally sound in collaborating with fellow colleagues.

⮚ Shall instill a scientific and democratic outlook among his students making them community-oriented, patriotic, and broad-minded.

⮚ Shall conform to the ethos of his/her profession and act in a dignified manner.



Students have to build up sound knowledge and inculcate good character, habits, discipline, and punctuality in college. They need to act and behave according to the rules and regulations laid down for their betterment in the college. A student’s failure to comply with the directions of the college or its officials in the performance of his/her duties will be subject to further disciplinary action. Following are some of the traits which need to be strictly followed by the students seeking admission to the college.

The students:

⮚ Shall follow the dress code and will carry the identity card provided while entering the college.

⮚ Will not leave the class without the permission of the teacher

⮚ Shall abide by the rule of prohibition of mobile phones in the college

⮚ Shall not see to assaulting, harassing, intimidating, or threatening other students

⮚ Shall not steal, misuse, destroy or damage the college property or property belonging to someone else

⮚ Should have regular attendance, must be punctual, shall have respect for self, others and


⮚ Shall not possess or distribute illegal drugs, tobacco, cigarettes, etc.

⮚ Must foster a healthy and decent relationship with fellow students in and off the campus

⮚ During free time the students must use the library

⮚ Should move from one classroom to another without making noise

⮚ Should not seek ragging, corruption of any sort, or sexual harassment. Any student failing

to do so shall be subject to strict disciplinary action.

⮚ Shall not seek to deface walls and blackboards

⮚ Shall not circulate any printed materials or pamphlets without the prior permission of the Principal.

⮚ Shall stay away from anti-social activities as well as political influence

⮚ Students shall not meet visitors in the classrooms

⮚ Breakage fees will be collected from the students for any dame caused by them knowingly or unknowingly.

⮚ Students ought to take care of their possessions and college shall not be responsible for the loss of any valuable belongings.

⮚ Should not interact, on behalf of the college, with media representatives or invite media persons into the campus without the permission of the authorities.

⮚ Students are not allowed to send audio or video clippings of any activity without prior permission.

⮚ Must disclose a pre-existing health condition, either physical or psychological that may affect the academic progress of the student.

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