Prof. Dr. Milind K. Patel (Principal)

It is an honored privilege for me to welcome you all to this august institution. Needless to mention here that S. I. Patil Arts, G. B. Patel Science, and S. T. K. V. Sangh Commerce College, Shahada, a premier institution in this region has successfully completed Fifty years of its glorious existence. In its illustrious career, the college has produced a galaxy of intellectuals, professionals, sportsmen, administrative officers, politicians, etc. who have played a pivotal role in the all-around development of this region. I am grateful to the founders of this institution who left no stone unturned to set up the college. Since its inception on 1st June 1970, the college has undergone remarkable growth over the last five decades.

The emblem of our college contains our motto: Uttishthata Jagrata Prapya Varan Nibodhata (Arise, Awake, and Stop not till the goal is reached). It is undoubtedly true that the college has strived to set new benchmarks of excellence in academia and public service. Now, our vision is to make the institution a center of excellence that can serve society and the nation in a better way in keeping pace with the changing needs of the time. Today it is one of the most distinguished co-educational institutions in the state.

Education at our College is not about marks and grades only – it is the holistic growth that we the stakeholders are looking at. We are indeed proud of our dedicated faculty and supportive non-teaching staff. Teaching, for us here at the college, is a lifetime commitment, a passion, a vocation rather than a job. Our faculty members are continually engaged in equipping themselves so as to stay abreast of the latest developments in their own fields. Striving for excellence is our way of life. Commitment, dedication, inspiration management, etc. are the factors that brought the college to the forefront of Higher Education in the state.

The concern for ensuring quality in higher education has led to the need for the evolution of the performance of the universities and colleges. Due to this concern, the college has a distinct identity of its own, still, I think, we have “miles to go”. Our colleges are now confronted with many challenges. So let us hope that our College, which is our second home with all its facilities available, will muster enough courage and yield bright prospects to cope with the changing times and meet the challenges so that our Alma Mater can courageously gallop ahead with the new millennium as a Centre of Excellence not only in the state but also on the national level.

​Our College has been honored with DBT-STAR College status with a grant of 85 lakhs for popularizing science in undergraduate and school students. Not just DBT, the college is also honored with RUSA Beneficiary College with a total grant of Rs. 2 crores, as Funds for Infrastructure Grants to Colleges.

The college has been shouldering these responsibilities with the help of excellent faculty, state of art infrastructure, and by infusion of new technology. The administrative office as also the central library is fully digitized. In this century, “Knowledge is Power”. So, let us come forward to make us enrich ourselves with a new domain of knowledge in our relevant fields and to help our students to make them efficient for this knowledge society. We believe in the all-around development of our students. Apart from academic pursuits, great emphasis is laid on the co-curricular activities, discipline, and character building of the students. I have a dream wherein P. S. G. V. P. Mandal’s SIP Arts, GBP Science, and STKVS Commerce College and the product of college are rated the best among all in terms of their social responsibility, humility, academic brilliance, and above all their Indianness in this global and competitive world.

With these few words, I once again warmly welcome you to this august institution and pray to the Almighty for resounding success and excellence.

With Personal Regards,

Prof. Dr. Milind Patel,
M. Sc., M. Phil., Ph. D.,
Principal, S. I. Patil Arts, G. B. Patel Science and S. T. K. V. Sangh Commerce College, Shahada